Pregnancy: getting through the two-week wait

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive naturally or have been undergoing IVF/fertility treatment, the anticipation to see the two pink lines of a positive pregnancy test can be overwhelming. Throw in the two-week wait, it can feel like an eternity.

Most women, especially those who have undergone fertility treatment, will find themselves to be hyper-aware of their bodies. You may begin to ask yourself, almost daily, “Am I pregnant?” “Is it too early to take a test?” “What does this symptom mean?” So, to help you navigate through these two weeks and to help make the wait easier, below are a few tips.

6 tips to surviving the two-week wait

  1. Keep busy

Plan a few activities to keep you busy. This may include a form of exercising, something on your bucket list you’ve wanted to do, or catching up with your friends.

  1. Do not test early

With the build-up of excitement, nerves, and anticipation, we understand it can be very tempting to take an early pregnancy test. But trust us when we say that is a bad idea. Testing early can lead to negative results, even when you may be pregnant. So, to avoid unnecessary disappointment, wait those few extra days.

  1. Step away from Google

When trying to conceive, naturally, you will start to look out for common symptoms of pregnancy. Hence, you may start Googling every little thing you feel, well don’t. Save yourself from more confusion, mind games, and inaccurate information that may make you worry without reason. Remember, every body and every pregnancy are different. What some women may experience, you may not.

  1. Relax

Read a book, meditate, or go for a walk. By calming your mind, you’ll allow your body to do what it needs to do.

  1. Treat yourself

Take this time to pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, a weekend away or your favourite movie or two. By doing so, you can take your mind off things.

  1. Talk to someone

Whilst you may be keeping your family planning under wraps, it’s always good to talk to someone you trust about what’s on your mind. This may be your partner, your parent, your doctor, or even a therapist. By doing so, they will support you, provide a shoulder to cry on, or help distract your mind with engaging conversation.

We’re here for you

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